Bali Island Indonesia

Bali Island

Bali is a province of Indonesia. The provincial capital is Denpasar. Bali is also the name of the main island in this region.
At the beginning of the independence of Indonesia, the island is included in Sunda Kecil ( Lesser Sunda Province). the city of Singaraja, and is now divided into 3 provinces: Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat (West Nusa Tenggara) and Nusa Tengara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara).
In addition consists of the island of Bali, Bali Provincial territory also comprises the islands of the smaller nearby island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Serangan Island, and Menjangan island.

Bali Tourist map by edistw.wordpress

Geographically, Bali is situated between the islands of Jawa (Java) and Lombok. The majority of the population of Bali is Hindu religions. In the world, Bali is famous as a tourism destination with the uniqueness of the various results and cultural art, especially for the Japan and Australia. Bali is also known as Pulau Dewata (the island of the gods) and the island of a thousand temples.


Bali is part of Sunda Kecil (the Lesser Sunda) Islands along the 153 km and 112 km wide around 3.2 km from Java.
Astronomically, Bali is located at 8 ° 25 ' 23? South latitude and 115 ° 14 ' 55? East longitude which makes it as tropical part of Indonesia to another.
The highest point is Mount Agung in Bali as high as 3,148 m. volcano last erupted in March 1963. Mount Batur also one mountain in Bali. About 30,000 years ago, mount Batur erupted and produced terrible disasters on Earth. In contrast to the North, the southern part Bali is irrigated lowland rivers.

Based on topography and relief, in the middle of the island of Bali lies a mountain range that extends from West to East and between the mountain there is a cluster of the volcano Mount Batur and Agung Mount as well as the mountain that no volcano, mount Patas, mount Merbuk and mount Seraya. The presence of the mountains lead to the area of Bali is geographically divided into two unequal parts, namely North Bali with a narrow and less sloping and South Bali with broad lowlands and ramps. The slope of the land is the island of Bali consists of a flat land (0-2%) covering an area of 122,652 hectares, undulating land (2-3%) covering 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) covering an area of 190,486 ha of land and very steep (40%) covering > 132,189 hectares.

The province of Bali has four (4) lakes located in mountainous areas, namely Lake Beratan or Bedugul, Buyan and Tamblingan, Batur,. Bali's beautiful nature makes the famous island of Bali as a tourist area.
The capital city of Bali is Denpasar. Other important places are the arts as central to Ubud and the rest, located in Gianyar Regency. Nusa Lembongan is as one of the menyelam (diving), located in Kabupaten Klungkung ( Klungkung Regency ). While Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua are some places which became the main destination of tourism, nice beaches as well as retreat, spa, and others, located in Badung Regency.

The total area of the province of Bali is 5,636.66 km2 or 0.29% area of the State Union of Republic of Indonesia. Administratively, the province of Bali is divided into 8 districts, 155 municipalities, districts, and villages 701.

Territorial Boundaries
North : Bali Sea
South: Indian Ocean
West: Strait of Bali and East Java province
East: Strait of Lombok and Nusa Tenggara Timur Province


The rice fields around the cliffs of Gunung Kawi Temple, Tampaksiring, Bali. pictures

The first residents of the island of Bali is estimated to come in at 3000-2500 BC (Bce) who migrated from Asia. Relics of stone tools from this period found in the village of Cekik which is located in the western part of the island. Prehistoric times then end with the coming of Hinduism and Sanskrit writings from India in about 100 years BC.

Bali culture and then got the strong influence of the culture of India who process the sooner after the 1st century . The name Balidwipa (Bali) found in various inscriptions, including the Blanjong Inscriptions issued by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in 913 Ad and mention the word Walidwipa. Estimated around this time subak irrigation system for rice planting began to be developed. Some of the religious and cultural traditions also began to develop at the time. Majapahit (1293 – 1500 Ad ) Hindu and is based in the island of Java, had founded the Kingdom of subordinates in Bali around the year 1343 Ad. It was almost the entire country Hindu, but over the coming of Islam stand Islamic kingdoms in nusantara which among other things led to the collapse of Majapahit. Many nobles, priests, artists and other Hindu community when it departed from Java to Bali.

Europeans first discovered Bali is Cornelis de Houtman from Netherlands in 1597, although a Portuguese ship previously stranded near Tanjung  Bukit, Jimbaran, in 1585. Netherlands via the VOC began to implement occupation of  land in  Bali, but will continue resistance until the end of his reign so that their position in Bali is not as strong as their position in Java or Maluku. Starting from the northern part of Bali, since 1840-an attendance of Netherlands has become permanent, originally performed with various sheep pitted ruler of Bali that mistrust each other. Netherlands big assault by sea and by land toward the area of Sanur and Denpasar area followed by. Bali's party lost the amount of weaponry or don't want to experience shame due to surrender, thus precipitating the war until the very end of the war away from blood or of involving all the people both men and women including his King. It is estimated as many as 4,000 people were killed in the incident, although the Netherlands has ordered them to surrender. Furthermore, the Governor of the Netherlands who reigned only a few give influence on the island, so that local control of religion and culture generally does not change.

Japan occupied Bali during World War II and then a military officer named I Gusti Ngurah Rai of Bali form ' freedom fighters '. Following the surrender of Japan in the Pacific in August 1945, the Netherlands soon returned to Indonesia (including Bali) to re-establish its colonial Government as a State before the war. This was opposed by the forces of resistance Bali then use weapons Japan.

On November 20, 1945, split the Battle Of 1946 took place in the village of Marga, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, a 29-year-old led his army from the eastern region of Bali to take the offensive to death in the Netherlands armed forces. All members of the battalion of the Balinese were killed all of them and a Balinese military resistance makes it as the last.

In 1946 the Netherlands makes Bali as one of the 13 districts of East Indonesia State part of the newly proclaimed, i.e., as one of the country's rival for the Republic of Indonesia which was proclaimed and headed by Sukarno and Hatta. Bali later also incorporated into the Republic of Indonesia States when the Netherlands recognized the independence of Indonesia on December 29, 1949. In 1950, officially leaving Bali perserikatannya with Netherlands and legally became a province of the Republic of Indonesia.

The eruption of Mount Agung, happened in 1963, had a chance to shake the people's economy and caused many inhabitants of Bali transmigrates into various other areas in Indonesia.

In 1965, along with a failed coup against the national Government seized power in Jakarta, Bali and many other areas, there was the crackdown against members and sympathizers of the Communist Party Indonesia. In Bali, estimated more than 100,000 people were killed or missing. Even so, the events at the beginning of the new order up to this time has not been successfully expressed in the law.

Terrorist attacks have occurred on October 12, 2002, in the form of the 2002 Bali bomb attacks in tourist areas of Kuta Beach, causing as many as 202 people were killed and 209 others injured. The 2005 Bali bombings also happened three years later in Kuta and Jimbaran beach. These events received widespread international coverage because most of the victims were foreign tourists and causing the Bali tourist industry face the challenge of weight these past few years.


Paddy fields in Bali pictures

The population of Bali is approximately the number of 4 million more, with the majority of 84.5% Hinduism. Other religions are Buddhism (0.5%), Islam (13.3%), Protestants and Catholics (1.7%). Islam is the largest minority religion in Bali with the followers now reached 13.3% based on the latest census in January 2014.

Apart from tourism, the inhabitants of Bali also live off farming and fishing, the most known world from farming in Bali is a Subak system. Some also choose to become artists. The language used in Bali Indonesia, Bali is the United Kingdom, and particularly for those who work in the tourism sector.

Balinese language and bahasa Indonesia is the most widely spoken languages in Bali and other Indonesia population, as the majority of Balinese people are bilingual or trilingual. Although there are several dialects in Balinese, Balinese people generally use a Balinese language Association as an option in communicating. Traditionally, the use of various dialects of the Balinese language is determined based on a system of varnas in Hindu Dharma and clan membership (the term Bali: However, gotra); Although the implementation of these traditions tend to be reduced. In some places in Bali, found a number of the speakers of Javanese.

The language of the United Kingdom is the third language (and the primary foreign language) for many Balinese people that were affected by the huge needs of the tourism industry. Employees who work at the visitor information center in Bali, often also understand some of the foreign language with adequate competencies. The language of Japan has also become a priority of education in Bali.


Three decades ago, the Balinese economy was largely agriculture-based and rely on both in terms of output and employment. Now, the tourism industry became the biggest revenue object for Bali. As a result, Bali became one of the wealthiest areas in Indonesia. In 2003, approximately 80% of Bali's economy relies on the tourism industry. At the end of June 2011, non-performing loans of all banks in Bali is 2,23%, lower than the average non-performing loan banking industry Indonesia (around 5%). The economy, however, suffered significantly as a result of the 2002 Bali bombing and the 2005 Bali bombing. The tourism industry has recovered from the aftermath of this event.


Bali is Indonesia's main tourism destinations already famous around the world. In addition to the famous natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous for its arts and culture are unique and interesting. Tourism industry centred in southern Bali and in some other areas. The main tourist sites are the Kuta and Legian and Seminyak are nearby, the area east of the city such as Sanur, Ubud, such as city centre and in the southern regions such as Nusa Dua and Jimbaran, Pecatu. Bali as a tourist destination and has integrated lots of interesting sights, among others: Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot, Padang-Padang Beach, Lake Beratan Bedugul, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Lovina beach with Dolphin Lumbanya, Besakih Temple, Ubud, Uluwatu, Kintamani, Munduk, Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan island and much more. Now, Bali also has several tourist-laden education for children such as the Zoo, the museum of three dimensions, water playground, and the place of breeding turtles.


Bali has no rail network, however the existing road on the island is classified as very good compared to other areas in Indonesia, the road network is available with either especially to areas of tourist destinations namely Legian, Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud, etc. Most of the population has private vehicles and chose to use it because public transportation is not available, except for taxis and shuttles. Mass transportation modes are currently prepared in order to be able to give more comfort of Bali against the tourists. Recently mass transportation to serve the needs of decent in Bali Island launched a Trans Sarbagita (Trans Denpasar, Gianyar, Tabanan, Badung) use large Buses with AIR CONDITIONING and Rp 3,500.

Until now, transport in Bali are generally built in the southern part of Bali around Denpasar, Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua, while northern areas lacking good accommodation.

Types of public transportation in Bali:

Dokar (Gig), a vehicle using the horse as an attractant is known as a Delman somewhere else
Ojek, motorbike taxi
Bemo/minibus, serving domestic and intercity
Trans Sarbagita (Corridors 1 < City-Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) >) and (Corridor 2 < Nusa Dua-Batubulan >)
Taxi, car
Komotra, buses that serve the region travel to Kuta Beach and surroundings
Buses, Inter City relations, rural, and between provinces

Bali is connected with the island of Java with a ferry service that links the port of Gilimanuk in Jembrana Regency with the port of Ketapang in Banyuwangi Regency, a long journey of about 30 to 45 minutes. The crossing to the island of Lombok via the port of Padangbai Port towards the Sheet takes about four to five minutes duration depending on the weather.

Air transportation is served by the Ngurah Rai International Airport with destinations to major cities in Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, China and Japan. Runways and aircraft come and go can be seen clearly from the coast and became a sort of additional entertainment for tourists who enjoy the beaches of Bali.

For ground transportation between the island of bali is no drive from Ubung-Denpasar terminal and terminal Mengwi linking Bali with Java and Lombok. Drive from Ubung terminal on the island of Bali serves routes between island destination Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Madura, Jember, etc. Interisland transport is served by a bus fleet with economy class, business and Executive. Drive from Ubung Terminal relatively lively start at 15:00:00 pm-6:30 because at the many buses that began setting off to their respective destinations. For those of you that came to this keterminal please be alert because of the many touts who somewhat forced passengers.

The Government of
List of regencies and cities of d Bali pictures
List of Governors of 1 2 pictures


Four members of the DPD (2014-2019) from the province of Bali is SHRI Wedakarna Arya M IGN Wedasteraputra S, I Kadek Arimbawa, AA Oka Ratmadi NGR and Gede Pasek Suardika.

Based on the results of the legislative elections of 2014, Bali sends nine members of Parliament to the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES.

At the provincial level, the REPRESENTATIVES of Bali with 55 seats available by PDI-P with 24 seats, followed by Golkar Party with eleven seats and the Democratic Party with eight seats.
House of representatives seats pictures



A set of Balinese gamelan. pictures

Traditional Balinese music has in common with traditional music in many other areas in Indonesia, for example, in the use of the gamelan and various other tabuh instrument. Even so, there are peculiarities in the technique and his plays, for example in the form of kecak, namely a song reportedly mimicked the sound of an ape. Similarly, the wide variety of gamelan played also have the uniqueness of gamelan jegog, for example, gamelan gong gede, gamelan gambang, gamelan selunding and gamelan Semar Pegulingan. There is also music Angklung played for cremation ceremonies as well as music Bebonangan played in various other ceremonies.

There is a modern form of the traditional Balinese music Gamelan Gong Kebyar, for example which is the dance music which developed during the colonization of the Netherlands as well as the popular start Bumbung Joged in Bali since the 1950s. Generally the music of Bali is a combination of a variety of metal percussion instruments (metallophones) percussion, gongs and wood (xylophone). Because social relations, politics and culture, the music of traditional Balinese gamelan Bali style game or exert influence or affect the area surrounding cultures, such as traditional music society folk music community as well as other countries.

Silat Bali


The art of Balinese dance in General can be found into three groups, namely the guardian or dance a sacred performances, dance performances or art bebali ceremonies and also to visitors and Bali-balihan art or dance for the entertainment of visitors.

An expert on the art of Balinese dance I Made Bandem in early 1980s never classify the Balinese dances; among others who belong into Berutuk for example, guardian Dedari, Gede Line and Rejang, bebali among others is the movements: Pajegan and Masks, Wayang Wong, while Bali-balihan among others is the Legong, Parwa, Arja, Prembon and Joged as well as numerous other modern dance choreography.

One of the dances that are very popular for tourists is the Pendet Dance and Kecak dance. Around the 1930s, Wayan Limbak collaborated with the painter Walter Spies Germany created the Kecak dance based on the tradition of Sang Hyang and parts of the story of Ramayana. Wayan Limbak popularized the dance this time traveling around the world along with groups of dancers of Bali.

Young dancers are Dance Dance, choreography, contemporary work of Grouse Ni Luh Suasthi Bandem. pictures

. Dance of guardian
Sang Hyang Jaran
Rejang Dance
Line Dance

. Dance bebali
Mask Dance

. Dance of Bali-balihan
Legong Dance
Joged Bumbung
The Drama Gong
Kecak Dance
Calon Arang
Dance Of Janger

The apparel area

Clothing Bali area indeed varies greatly, although it briefly looks the same. Each region in Bali has the hallmark ornament, symbolic and based on events/ceremonies, gender and age of its users. The economic and social status of a person can be known based on the pattern of clothing he was wearing jewelry and ornaments.

Children wearing udeng Ubud, a white shirt and a cloth. pictures

The traditional dress of men generally consists of:

Udeng (headband)
The fabric seam-
Umpal (shawl fastener)
Fabric wastra (kemben)
A variety of ornamental jewelry
Also worn shirts, suits and footwear as a complement.
The dancers wore little loop, songket cloth and prada. pictures

Traditional women's clothing consisted of:

Loop (bun)
Sesenteng (kemben songket)
Fabric wastra
Prada belt (stagen), twisted around hips and breasts
Shawl songket shoulders down
Tapih, sinjang or fabric on the inside
A variety of ornamental jewelry

Also charged a kebaya, and the breastplate, and footwear as a complement


main food

    Ayam betutu
    Babi guling
    Be Kokak Mekuah
    Be Pasih mesambel matah
    Bebek betutu


    Jukut Urab
    Nasi Bubuh
    Nasi Tepeng
    Sate Kablet
    Sate Babi Guling


    Sate Lilit
    Sate pentul
    Sate penyu
    Sate Tusuk
    Urutan Tabanan

traditional snack

    Bubuh Sagu
    Bubuh Sumsum
    Bubuh Tuak
    Jaja Batun Duren
    Jaja Begina
    Jaja Bendu
    Jaja Bikang
    Jaja Engol


    Jaja Godoh
    Jaja Jongkong
    Jaja Ketimus
    Jaja Klepon
    Jaja Lak-Lak
    Jaja Sumping
    Jaja Tain Buati
    Jaja Uli misi Tape


    Jaja Wajik
    Rujak Bulung
    Rujak Kuah Pindang
    Rujak Manis
    Rujak Tibah
    Salak Bali

Traditional weapon


Custom Homes

Balinese home in accordance with the rules of the Asta Kosala Kosali (Vedic part governing the layout of rooms and buildings, like Feng Shui in Chinese Culture)

According to Balinese philosophy, dynamics in life will be achieved in the realization of a harmonious relationship between aspects of the pawongan, the palemahan and the parahyangan. For it was the construction of a House should include these aspects or commonly called Tri Hita Karana. Pawongan is the residents of the home. Palemahan means there has to be a good relationship between the residents and the environment.

In general the building or traditional architecture Bali is always filled with ornate carving, equipment as well as the awarding of colours. The motif contains some sense as an expression of the beauty of the symbols and the submission of the communication. The forms of motif types of fauna also serves as a ritual symbols shown in sculpture.

National Hero

Untung Suropati
I Gusti Ngurah Rai
I Gusti Ketut Jelantik

Movie set in Bali

Road to Bali, 1952 Hollywood comedy film starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope
Eat Pray Love movie, Hollywood drama 2010 starring Julia Roberts

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